REP. Young Addresses Energy Summit Looks to Alaska’s Energy Future

REP. Young Addresses Energy Summit Looks to Alaska’s Energy Future

Washington, D.C. – July 31, 2008 – (RealEstateRama) — Alaskan Congressman Don Young spoke this morning at the Arctic Energy Summit organized by the Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation. Rep. Young, the Ranking Member on the House Committee on Natural Resources which has oversight on OCS and ANWR, spoke on the importance of utilizing the abundance of energy potential in our nation, from coal, oil, and natural gas to biomass, geothermal, and hydropower.

“Alaska is currently at the forefront of the both the energy crisis, and the solution,” said Rep. Young. “We have both the highest gas prices in the nation, as well as more energy potential than any other state, along with the will and the know how to produce it. Not only do we have massive oil reserves, but we also have tremendous potential for renewable resources. We have more biomass than we know what to do with, the prospects for hydropower are vast, and geothermal is an incredible option for us. Additionally, we have the largest gas hydrates reserves in the country and enormous, untapped coal reserves.

“With Alaskan resolve, and today’s technology, we can put all of our resources to work for us; we don’t have to sit on our hands. My bill, H.R. 6107 the American Energy Independence and Price Reduction Act, (which currently has 177 bipartisan cosponsors including former opponents) opens ANWR and puts the rents, bonus bids, and royalty revenue from the ANWR leases into an alternative and renewable energy ‘trust’ fund. We need to focus on the now but we also need to focus on our future. This state is still growing and growing strong, and we have the capabilities to lead the nation in resource development!

“I have been advocating for a bullet line in Alaska for a long time and I’m happy to see that the state has jumped on board; we need to bring some relief to the state. Our Congressional delegation has always worked to help in any way we can to get things moving and will continue to do so. The number one priority for all of us must be to work together to make Alaska and the country energy independent in a safe and environmentally sound way by using the best technologies available to us. We have the resources in our state and in this country, but unfortunately we have too many leaders who lack the will to produce them. It’s time for Alaska to say ‘no more’ and to just get it done!”

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